Building the connected world!

Investing in people and businesses to create a better world.  We love social impact!


More than 2,500 Clients Impacted

Free-trade Zone
for Developers

Harnessing the power of technology to make people's lives better, providing useful tools and services to empower people and businessesYou think of it, we offer it

Developer Program and Appstores

Develop apps using The Pixel Brick and deploy on BrickOS, iOS, Android, and all with FastLane in the background.

Hire the best teams

Hire part-timers and full-timers using studenthub and build your great teams for
great jobs.


Assisting in Product development, engineering and technology, QA, DevOps, with all
Tech Infrastructure

Complete Operations Assistance

You don’t even need to operate your startup. The Pixel Brick and our team can
take care of it for you.

Rights Management

Own the rights to everything created by you. Our team will mediate and oversee all with complete anonymity.

Consultation on Mental Health

Consultation on literally everything you need. Business, tech, marketing, relationships, life, therapy etc.

Zero-risk Investment

If your business doesn’t succeed, we’ll always be there to help you make it succeed or
buy it off you.

Complete Ownership

Own 100% of it within our ecosystem. Then you are able to barter your coins on our market for any currency.

Marketing & Design

Our team will market for your work and
work on representing you

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Our Start Ups

Bridging the gap between people and their dreams. Amazing stories start with us.Building an ecosystem of products and services to make life easier for you

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The Ongoing Work

SaaS become a common delivery model for many business application, including office software, messaging software, payroll processing software, DBMS software, management software

Our Pixel Brick

Website visitors today demand a frictionless user experience - especially when using search. Because of the high standards.

Central Identity Module

to centralize our identity modules to allow our ecosystem entities to interconnect.

Digital Right Management

Deploying our custom DRM solution utilizing NFT backend.

Bank API

for real-time access to our banking data, and connecting with accounting for real-time money, spend, and revenue analysis.

WTF & it’s Brand store

Get you WTF quest answered and solved via WTF community along with community’s personalized brand store’s products


OneWorld - Micro and Macro internet generators. OneWorld, OneGovernment, decentralized community.

Company Values

At BAWES, We prioritize freedom in everything we do, freedom of speech, freedom of work, freedom of feel, etc.


At BAWES, We stay together, work together, sweet together, we stay as We are one. Let’s grow with each others.


At BAWES, we value velocity, your energy is direclty related to your outcome of your time and efforts.


Join us in building the future

Bridging the gap between the people and their dreams. Awesome stories starts with us.